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Envision Tempe Resilience Hub

Designed and modeled resilent power solution for Tempe, Arizona's first Resilience Hub.

Lenox Center Resilience Hub (Detroit, MI)

Designed hybrid power system for planned Resilience Hub in Detroit, MI.

Advocate Program Resilience Hub

Design of Resilient Power system for a prospective Resilience Hub in Miami, FL

Barry Farm Resilient Power (Washington DC)

Design of Solar+Storage and Virtual Power Plant for 1,400-unit master redevelopment in multiple phases, serving 4,000 people in Washington DC

Maui Resilience Hub Network (Maui, HI)

Designed hybrid power systems for three Resilience Hubs  in Maui County, HI.

The Tyler (East Haven, CT)

Managed development of rooftop solar array for award-winning, adaptive-reuse, mixed-income community for seniors.

California Indian Museum & Cultural Center Resilience Hub (Santa Rosa, CA)

Installing hybrid power system for a Resilience Hub serving communities in the wildfire zone in Sonoma County, CA.

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U.S. Geologic Survey Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Water Science Center (Catonsville, MD)

Designed and installed a 209 kW solar for U.S. Geologic Survey's Maryland-Delaware-DC Water Science Center next to the University of Maryland Baltimore County campus, in Catonsville, MD

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Cimmarron District Forestry Office (Ute, NM)

Designed resilient power solution for New Mexico Energy, Mineral and Natural Resources Department's Cimarron District forestry office, a remote station charged with managing forestry operations and forest fire response for 5.6 million acres in New Mexico. 

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Shillman House (Framingham, MA)

Designed, modeled and developing a resilient power solution that expands solar generation and incorporates battery storage for 2LifeCommunities' Morton & Etta Shillman House – a senior living apartment facility with 150 units. 

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Dennison Community Center (New Bedford, MA)

Designed and modeled a 31 kW resilient power solar+storage solution for the Dennison Community Center in New Bedford, MA.

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Princeton Windrows (Princeton, NJ)

Designed and modeled resilient power solutions for a multi-facility, senior living community in Princeton, New Jersey. 


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