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American Microgrid Solutions designs and develops advanced energy solutions to improve performance, reduce cost and enhance sustainability.


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Powering Security, Savings & Sustainability

American Microgrid Solutions delivers on-site power systems and energy tools that provide security, savings and sustainability for a wide range of facilities. These systems combine solar, battery storage and thermal generation for the optimal mix of performance, economics and carbon reduction. From concept to commissioning, we provide a turnkey, hassle-free experience to meet your goals, budget and schedule.

Facility owners, operators and tenants are just beginning to tap into the benefits advanced energy solutions offer. We help you unlock this potential and maximize returns. 



We serve critical facilities that power communities

  • Senior Living & Health Care

  • Resilience Hubs & Community Centers

  • Multi-Family Housing

  • Utilities

  • Municipal Government

  • Public Safety& Public Works

  • Commercial Offices & Retail



American Microgrid Solutions unlocks the potential of advanced energy technology. Our team of energy experts cuts through the complexity with rational, easy-to-follow solutions. Using advanced modeling tools and real-world experience, we work with you to identify your needs, design solutions, integrate the technology and then manage the team that delivers a turnkey solution. We are vendor- and solution-agnostic. We select the solutions that are right for you, rather than pushing what is right for some manufacturer. 



In the trenches of operating and managing utilities and telecom infrastructure, we saw a fundamental shift in the very architecture of infrastructure. Centralized, top-down structures of the Old Grid were giving way to a new distributed, networked and consumer-integrated approach. We watched legacy infrastructure crumble around us, leading to forest fires, widespread outages, water main breaks and more. We've shared the shock at the devastating impacts of extreme weather events as they challenge that infrastructure. All of this while the Old Grid architecture became increasingly inefficient and expensive than necessary.

At the same time, we saw the opportunity of the New Grid - one that is more efficient, reliable, cost-effective and cleaner. Yet the outdated building blocks and design approach of of the Old Grid is still very much present...We still have a significant gap to bridge. Only a small minority of properties could tap into the New Grid. 

We knew there was a better way, and we set out to build it. 

In 2016, we launched American Microgrid Solutions and recruited a team of advanced energy experts hands-on experience designing, financing and building advanced energy solutions. We picked people with real-world experience who were ready to roll up their sleeves. We decided to help usher that way in not by pushing equipment on unprepared and under-capitalized consumers, but to help the consumer pick the most efficient, effective and profitable path forward.

And we got to work building the New Grid. 


American Microgrid Solutions has delivered solutions to facilities across the country