Resilience Hubs

Resilience hubs are community facilities that provide a variety of social services during normal conditions and support to community members during emergency conditions. 

They are:

  • outfitted with resources and assistance

    • food, water, heating and cooling, etc.​

  • designed to support the community with electricity, communications, and other help

  • a cleaner and more sustainable form of energy

  • designed to function in 3 separate modes

    • Normal​

      • regular functioning level​

      • provides regular community services

    • Disaster

      • disruption to normal function levels for any period of time​

      • maintain operations at normal or higher levels

    • Recovery

      • returning to normal function levels​

      • works to restore normal conditions

  • Resilience hubs function under 5 goals

    • Resilient Programming and Services​

      • offer services and programs that support the community​

    • Resilient Communications

      • ensured communications at all times​

    • Resilient Structure

      • structure meets all operational goals​​​ for the community

    • Resilient Power

      • ensuring backup power during a disaster

    • Resilient Operations

      • ensuring personnel and processes to operate the facility​

  • Resilience hubs support:

    • ​Public Health and Safety

    • Economic Stability

    • Municipal Cost Savings

    • Job Training and Opportunities

    • Community Energy Costs Savings

    • Social Equity

    • Community Energy Costs Savings

    • Resources and Materials

    • Environmental Sustainability

    • Community Cohesion

  • Resilience hubs have 6 phases:

    • ​Phase one: access vulnerability & select service area

    • Phase two: establish a project team, build partnerships, and set goals

    • Phase three: identify & evaluate sites

    • Phase four: identify resilience solutions

    • Phase five: develop sites & install solutions

    • Phase six: activate sites and operations

American Microgrid Solutions partners with communities to plan, design, and create resilience hubs. AMS helps those partners understand what they need, design their resilience hub to those needs, engineer the hub, and install it. With 5 different resilience goals, we work to make the most efficient, effective and powerful hubs for each individual client. 


American Microgrid Solutions understands the positive effects of resilience hubs and is dedicated to helping communities with these hubs.


American Microgrid Solutions is dedicated to creating resilience hubs that perform in the following situations as effectively as possible.

Resilience Hubs

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Resilience Hubs

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Resilience Hubs

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