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California Indian Museum & Cultural Center Resilience Hub (Santa Rosa, CA)

Installing hybrid power system for a Resilience Hub serving communities in the wildfire zone in Sonoma County, CA.

U.S. Geologic Survey Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Water Science Center (Catonsville, MD)

Designed and installed a 209 kW solar for U.S. Geologic Survey's Maryland-Delaware-DC Water Science Center next to the University of Maryland Baltimore County campus, in Catonsville, MD

Maui Resilience Hub Network (Maui, HI)

Designed hybrid power systems for three Resilience Hubs  in Maui County, HI.

The Tyler (East Haven, CT)

Managed development of rooftop solar array for award-winning, adaptive-reuse, mixed-income community for seniors.

Dennison Community Center (New Bedford, MA)

Designed and modeled a 31 kW resilient power solar+storage solution for the Dennison Community Center in New Bedford, MA.

Envision Tempe Resilience Hub

Designed and modeled resilent power solution for Tempe, Arizona's first Resilience Hub.

Cimmarron District Forestry Office (Ute, NM)

Designed resilient power solution for New Mexico Energy, Mineral and Natural Resources Department's Cimarron District forestry office, a remote station charged with managing forestry operations and forest fire response for 5.6 million acres in New Mexico. 

Barry Farm Resilient Power (Washington DC)

Design of Solar+Storage and Virtual Power Plant for 1,400-unit master redevelopment in multiple phases, serving 4,000 people in Washington DC

Lenox Center Resilience Hub (Detroit, MI)

Designed hybrid power system for planned Resilience Hub in Detroit, MI.

Urban Sustainability Directors Network Resilience Hub

Working with the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, American Microgrid Solutions is optimizing Hybrid Resilient Power Systems for USDN Resiliency Hub projects. Resilience Hubs are community-building facilities augmented to support residents, typically in the most vulnerable communities, and coordinate resource distribution and services before, during or after a natural hazard event. More than locations for supplies, communications, and resources, USDN’s Resilience Hubs will be mechanisms for community revitalization and community empowerment. Resilience Hubs offer an exciting opportunity to advance local goals related to equity, GHG reductions, and resilience in a manner that meets other important community needs. American Microgrid Solutions working with USDN to optimize Hybrid Resilient Power Systems that incorporate solar PV and storage with other sources of power to keep these facilities running during power outages and natural hazard events.

Coleman House (Newton, MA)

Designed and modeled a resilient power solution to power a multi-story senior living facility in Newton, Massachusetts. 

Shillman House (Framingham, MA)

Designed, modeled and developing a resilient power solution that expands solar generation and incorporates battery storage for 2LifeCommunities' Morton & Etta Shillman House – a senior living apartment facility with 150 units. 

Brighton Campus (Brighton, MA)

Designed and modeled a microgrid-ready resilient power solution for a four-facility campus of senior housing in Brighton, Massachusetts. 

RYSE Commons (Richmond, CA)

Designed and modeled a Resilient Power solar+storage solution for RYSE Commons a community-based activity, activism and education facility conceived by and serving Richmond youth. RYSE recently began renovations of the current 6,500 square foot building and will add a second 11,457 square foot building to create a 37,000 square foot campus. 

Clean Energy Group Resilient Power Project

American Microgrid Solutions works with the Clean Energy Group’s Resilient Power Project to support community resilience through The Resilient Power Project, a joint initiative of Clean Energy Group and Meridian Institute. This initiative focuses on accelerating market development of resilient, clean energy solutions for affordable housing and critical community facilities in low-income and disadvantaged communities. The Project is targeted to the deployment of solar PV combined with energy storage (solar+storage) – to power essential services during extended power outages and to reduce the economic burden of energy costs in vulnerable communities. The goal is to further clean energy equity by ensuring that all communities have access to the economic, health, and resiliency benefits that solar and energy storage technologies can provide.

Easton Sustainability Campus (Easton, MD)

Supported development of the Easton Sustainability Campus by Easton Utilities. The campus includes a microgrid that combines 1 MW of landfill gas from the adjacent property and up to 2MW of solar generation. The microgrid supports Easton’s state-of-the-art Enhanced Nutrient Removal Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Seat Pleasant Smart City Microgrid (Seat Pleasant, MD)

Designed and modeled a microgrid to power municipal offices, the emergency operations center and the public works facility for a truly innovative Smart City near Washington DC.

Princeton Windrows (Princeton, NJ)

Designed and modeled resilient power solutions for a multi-facility, senior living community in Princeton, New Jersey. 

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